We offer international delivery to selected destinations through express courier.

International delivery requires that you make the payment at the time of purchase.

COD (Cash on Delivery) and FREE shipping facility is not available for international buyers.

Modes of Payment

  1. Payment by Credit Card (We use Payoneer as our payment gateway)
  2. Direct Bank Transfer
  3. Transfer of funds via Western Union

International buying also entails extra shipping expenses. You can estimate the shipping cost by using the chart provided below.

The shipping charges are weight(kg) based so please calculate the total weight and then apply the rates for your destination.

As a rule of thumb, the more suits you’ll buy, lesser the shipping cost you’ll have to pay per suit.

One 3pcs lawn suit typically weighs around 750grams on average and thus it falls into 1kg weight bracket. The weight per suit can be more or less depending on how much work has been done on it.

Shipping Calculator Table

* These rates may vary as the international couriers may change them
* Currency exchange differences apply

Please refer to the following chart for estimating the shipping cost to your destination.

UK Mainland 2000 500 7-10 DHL/Fedex
USA 2500 700 7-10 DHL/Fedex
UAE 1000 500 7-10 DHL/Fedex
India 1630 400 15-20 Pakistan Post

All rates are in PKR (Pakistan Rupee)